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1 Downtown, 10 Ways to Celebrate: Ways to Give

December 8, 2015 Written by

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‘Tis the season of giving; giving to others. Whether you donate food, volunteer time or support charitably. Utahns are known for their humanitarianism and charitable spirit, especially around the holidays.

During this time of giving, we hope your money will be the most effective and help those truly in need. Between Church groups, rescue missions and more, Utah has a variety of options that help the homeless or others in need. When you give to panhandlers directly, you never know where that money will go, or if the person you give to is actually in need.

So, when and if you give, consider giving to these great programs. 100% of your money will be be a hand up, and not a hand out.

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1. Candy Cane Corner (Road Home) - Donate or volunteer HERE.

2. Toys for Tots - Give HERE.

3. Quarters for Xmas - Learn more HERE.

4. - Meet the faces of homelessness HERE.

5. The Road Home - Donate HERE.

6. Utah Food Bank - Give HERE.

7. HOST Meters or online - See location HERE.

8. The Rescue Mission - Learn more HERE.

9. Dinner at Vinny's - Volunteer to serve or donate HERE.

10. Volunteers of America (VOA) - Volunteer HERE.

11. Veterans Affairs (VA) - Get involved HERE.

12. Fourth Street Clinic - Improve health HERE.

13. International Rescue Committee (IRC) - Donate HERE.