Largest Mural Project In Utah Currently Underway Downtown

12 September 2017

Utah based 3 Irons commissioned international street artist Vexta to create a five-story tall, 150 ft long mural in the heart of downtown.  Adding to the vibrant arts corridor that spans from Gallivan Center to Eccles Theater, the mural is currently underway, located on the south face of the building home to Impact Hub and Richter7.

Vexta, a native-Australian, is a renowned street and gallery artist, with art on public display worldwide from Sweden to Mexico.  She began her work on Sept 6th, and anticipates completion by Sept 14th.

“The arts can only flourish with a mix of publicly funded projects, and private initiatives,”  said 3 Irons creative producer, Joy Haynes. “We were blown away with the willingness and enthusiasm of these donors to support this huge and complex project to bring downtown Salt Lake City the largest mural in Utah.”

The project is being financed completely by private donors, which is rare for such a large and prominent piece of public art.  The primary supporter of this project is art lover and real estate developer Andy Renfro who owns the building being painted.  Additional major supporters include advertising firm Richter7, residential treatment program Eva Carlston Academy, as well as Salt Lake City Residents Rheda Fouad & Amy Leininger and Steven Labrum.

“Downtown is the cultural core of the state, where art is available in theaters, museums and upon buildings themselves.” said Downtown Alliance executive director Jason Mathis. “This new mural is not only a fantastic addition to a great street art scene, we hope it encourages other private groups to undertake similar projects.”

In addition to the mural, filmographer Brent Rowland is making a short documentary which will be screened and available this fall.  Downtown Alliance is a sponsoring partner for that film.