Downtown Ambassadors

The Downtown Alliance, Salt Lake City and Visit Salt Lake partnered to launch the “Downtown Street Ambassador Program” in spring 2018. The program deploys as many as eight ambassadors in major pedestrian thoroughfares throughout the year. The goal is to create an even more welcoming and safe city center for residents and visitors, as well as providing additional outreach efforts for people experiencing homelessness.

The purpose of the Ambassador Program is three-fold: 

1. Answer questions about where to go, what to see and what to do for newcomers to downtown, whether they are traveling from other parts of Utah, nationally or internationally.

2. Provide an additional level of safety and security in busier parts of downtown. Our ambassadors are able to communicate with dispatch (just like any other citizen) in case of an emergency.

3. Act as the eyes and ears for our homeless population, to ensure these community members are aware of service providers, and how and where to take advantage of hot meals or a bed, should they choose. Ambassadors are not security officers or police officers: they carry no weapons and are there purely and simply to help.

If you have any questions or see anyone in need of services, please contact the Ambassador team at (801) 541-0434
For questions about the Ambassador Program please contact