The Littlest Mermaid


The Off Broadway Theatre opens with our parody of The Littlest Mermaid starting in February of 2021! Bringing a fun family-friendly play to showcase our unique brand of comedy. Muriel, a sweet young mermaid, finds herself lost on a girls’ outing while visiting Great Salt Lake. Rescued by a group of mountain mermaids, she is magically transformed into one of their kind. Muriel can only change back when the handsome young Eagle Scout of her dreams returns her love. There is one catch, however—to win his love, she must not use her beautiful voice, but only body language (while still being an appropriate young lady, of course). What a conundrum! Will true love prevail? Bring the family and find out!

Location information

12366 S. 900 E., Draper, UT, 84020

900 East
Utah 84020
United States of America