Baggage: Alex Caldiero In Retrospect


Referred to by the artist as a “grand examination of his consciousness,” this retrospective exhibition explores the 50-year career of polyartist, poet, wordshaker, scholar, sonosopher, performance artist Alex Caldiero. On display are Caldiero’s notebooks, drawings, monoprints, assemblage, sculptures, para-objects, performances, and distillations. Such an arrangement—organized without any sort of linear or chronological burden and set on custom-made shelves and pedestals that echo the studio from which they came—seeks to summarize an expansive career full of a labyrinth of ideas. Caldiero works with an array of materials, willing to let the idea determine the best method. From there, he is open to all policies, and possibilities, willing to flatten those alphabetic symbols into visual forms and abstract them, twist them, turn them upside down, to sample, overdub, and reveal them, destroy them, dematerialize them, and then make them whole. Ideas repeat, repeat, repeat over years, and in that repetition, evolve. For him, this evolutionary alchemical process purifies, filters, and vaporizes an idea. Not quite about refinement and density, his process, as with his poetry, is closer to words becoming sounds, images becoming language, the 23 letters flattening into abstract symbols—finding all possible variants.

Location information

20 South West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT, 84101

20 West Temple
Salt Lake City
Utah 84101
United States of America