How Do You Get Downtown?

April 24, 2015 Written by

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There is an energy downtown you cannot find in suburban office complexes, generated from a diverse mixture of all elements of society in constant vocation or avocation. I find downtown exciting and stimulating, an atmosphere which is complemented by an equally exhilarating mode of transportation: the unicycle. It's green, it's easy to store and carry, and it's sidewalk compatible. When commuting both hands are always free; imagine that for texting! It's faster than walking, but not so fast you sweat or cover your backside with mud. A unicycle's maneuverability is unequaled yet spandex and Gore-Tex offer no advantage. Sidewalk rage just isn't the same thing and parking is never an issue. A unicycle is the perfect downtown car, but beyond all that, it's just plain fun!

Richard Terry

I find Enterprise CarShare to be reasonably priced and very flexible. It's easy to reserve and access the vehicles, and there's almost always a car ready and available nearby when I need one. I use car sharing regularly and for all kinds of errands because it's so convenient. I don't own a car, but by combining Enterprise CarShare with Salt Lake's public transportation services, it's very comfortable and affordable to be "car-free" when I'm in the city.

Tyson Anderson
Enterprise CarShare

UTA TRAX Green Bike SLC 9 13 DSC 3891

Best commute? FrontRunner to the Central Station and then hop on a GREENbike to work. My colleagues are onto me—they know the best time to reach me via email is during commute time on FrontRunner. The train provides a table to work at, access to Internet and an electrical plug if needed. After seven years of riding transit to downtown, I can tell you the very best part—the transit "community" that I have met along the way (including Joy, Curtis, Wendy, Stephanie, Alexis, Dan, Ben and others). And of course, a big shout out to our AM train host Emily—who watches out for all of us.

Mary DeLaMare-Schaefer
Public Transit

We carpool to work each day for many reasons: we enjoy utilizing the convenience of the carpool lane, enjoy the company while driving to and from work, plus feel it does have a small positive impact on the inversion/smog pollution problem. Also, we save money on gas, wear and tear on our vehicles as well as parking costs. The car is necessary given that it is taken out for client calls during the day, otherwise we would ride bikes or take TRAX.

Todd Harris