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200 West Facelift

April 27, 2015 Written by

Published in Urban Development

Downtown SLC will soon have another protected bike lane installed, this time the seldom used 200 West will play host. The new protected corridor will run North - South from South Temple to 800 South, with a projected completion date of early Fall 2015. This protected bike lane will provide downtown's growing workforce and residents with more interconnectivity into the heart of the city, multimodal transportation options and contribute to downtown SLC's burgeoning economy.

The 200 West bike lanes will not only be for the benefit of bikers, but also drivers and walkers. It will feature new pavement, art installations and ample parking retaining 76 percent of the parking spaces it currently has with both angled and parallel parking stalls to maximize its capacity. 200 West makes a perfect street for the protected bike lanes due to its width and comparative lack of usage by automobiles. According to a report conducted by the city, 200 West's vehicle capacity is currently 90% under-utilized.

Long term, the bike lanes play a pivotal role in downtown in adding additional options to other forms of transportation like the automobile and public transit. By 2040, the downtown workforce is expected to grow by 25% and the downtown population will be in the low 20,000's. Now is the time to carry out thoughtful infrastructure improvements that improve accessibility into and throughout downtown. The interconnectivity of the bike lanes on 3rd South and 2nd West will preview the possibilities for numerous transportation options.

Ultimately, the addition of another bike lane to our city won't fix our pollution problems or clear out the congestion of 5 o'clock traffic. It will however take us one step closer to a more sustainable and green infrastructure while advancing the growth of the downtown economy.

If you have any suggestions, concerns or want more information, you can contact Salt Lake City's 200 West Improvements Team at: , call (801) 228-0022 to set up an appointment or view their YouTube video HERE.