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July 28, 2015 Written by

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At first glance, you might not think that downtown SLC has a lot of options for getting a solid workout in. Yoga, gyms, crossfit: downtown has all that, and more. And, if you look closely, you’ll uncover many traditional and nontraditional forms of exercise. Whether you’re just trying to lose a few pounds or sculpting your beach body, here are some accessible options - some hidden in plain sight. As Eric Cartman might say: “Beefcake! BEFF! CAKE!”

Here’s our list of downtown workout options:

GREENbike - With 25 stations at your disposal, GREENbike is the perfect way to see the city on two wheels while getting a good workout in the process.

Robin Julianne on Main Street

Run/Bike City Creek - Located at the base of Capitol Hill, City Creek Canyon offers a quick mountain escape from downtown!

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Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Looking to add a bit of dirt to your run or bike up City Creek Canyon? Turn onto the BST at the intersection of Canyon Road and Bonneville Blvd and trek as far as Bountiful or Hogle Zoo.

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The Gym at City Creek Center - State of the art equipment, basketball courts, pools and even a juice bar will help get you the body you’ve always wanted!

GYM Pool 2

Planet Fitness - This national chain will offer those who might be intimidated by the gym a friendly environment, great equipment at a great price.

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Gallivan Plaza - Taking the place of the ice skating rink, there now lies 2 mini tennis courts, a basketball court and ping pong tables. Makes a great lunch hang out spot!

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Golf Anytime - Located in the Marriott City Center. Golf Anytime offers golfers an indoor range with simulated courses from around the world.

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Salt Lake Power Yoga - Some like it hot! Salt Lake Power Yoga specializes in HOT Power Vinyasa Yoga while offering more traditional yoga classes as well.

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Sanctuary Gateway - Not only is it a day spa, Sanctuary offers yoga classes, a full service gym and even personal nutritionists!

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And last but not least…

Take the stairs! - If you work downtown, taking the stairs up and down from your office is a great way to stay in shape, consistency is the key.

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