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New Face in Town: Progrexion

June 7, 2016 Written by

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Who is Progrexion?

Progrexion is the leading provider of credit report repair services in the United States. Progrexion’s technology and services help consumers access and understand information contained in their credit reports, verify whether that information is fair, accurate and substantiated, and correct inaccuracies with individual creditors, other data furnishers and the national credit bureaus. Progrexion technology and services are used by, its wholly-owned subsidiary and Lexington Law, an independently-operated law firm. Progrexion has consistently been named by Utah Business Magazine as one of Utah’s top 50 fastest growing companies.

There is an entire page on your site dedicated to culture: why is that important?
A strong corporate culture is the driving force behind associate engagement and retention. It is the right business strategy and more importantly it is the right thing to provide for our associates. We are passionate in the services that we provide our clients and we seek to have a long-term relationship in providing products and services for them. We seek that same long-term relationship with our employees through our strong culture, good compensation and benefits, recognition, personal development, and career advancement.

Why did you choose to locate an office downtown SLC?
Last year we moved our corporate offices from the founder’s North Salt Lake location to an excellent location on Second South. We love being based in Utah for the quality of employees that we attract and the quality of life they can enjoy here. Our other offices in Utah are in North Salt Lake, Decker Lake and Provo.

How has downtown played a role in your brand's success?
As a fast-growing company, it was important for us to have a headquarters building that represented the professionalism and success of the company. It certainly adds to the perceived prestige of a company for candidates and visitors to come to a nice downtown location. The energy of being in the city adds to the culture of the office and the quality of restaurants and other downtown amenities add to the overall experience for our employees.