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My Own Downtown Staff Focus: Kristin Beck

March 23, 2018 Written by

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Seven questions with Kristin Beck, Managing Director of the Cultural Core. Meet downtown's placemaking and creative guru in our latest staff profile.
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What is your first or fondest memory of downtown?

A regular activity was to go downtown and wander around (get into trouble) with my friends on the weekends and during the summer. We'd visit as many vintage shops as possible, check out the mall, covet the clothes in Contempo. Then we'd make time to dip into Cosmic Aeroplane on 100 South. We'd pine over the beautiful jewelry. I loved how the store smelled. The vibe there was so enthralling and cool. Of course, we couldn't ever resist exploring the space in the basement.

What is your favorite thing about downtown?

I don't think I can name just one thing. Working for Downtown Alliance affords a lot of perspectives. I love the steady evolution and the diversity of options. The people who work here care about the community and create the momentum for vibrancy in the place they love. I also love the excellent selection of restaurants, bars and the uniqueness and variety of retail options.

How will downtown SLC look and feel differently five years from now?

My hope is for an expansion west. I'd love to see thoughtful and practical development that builds on and supports what already exists.

If you could change one thing about Salt Lake City, what would it be and why?

The air quality. I'd like more options for public transit and an investment in education regarding different modes of travel and awareness of how to share the road. 

Friend or family is coming to town, asking for entertainment recommendations. What three places do you send them to?

There is so much to see and experience downtown. The variety makes it easy to recommend options. I'd send them to Copper Common for a snack and craft cocktail. Junior's for a beer and a window into history. Takashi for amazing sushi.
Rose Wagner has an amazing variety of entertainment options including dance, concerts, theatre, and music. There's rarely a time when their theater space is dark.

What's your favorite day of the year downtown?

Any day downtown is a good day but the opening of Utah Arts Festival is always festive. 

When you are not working or playing downtown, what do you do for fun or entertainment?

I love spending time with my family and friends. We golf & camp together; I ride bikes with my sister and spend quality time with my friends.