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My Own Downtown Staff Focus: Carson Chambers

April 6, 2018 Written by

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Seven questions with Carson Chambers, Market Manager for Urban Food Connections of Utah. When she's not getting her hands dirty at the Downtown Farmers Market, you can find Carson exploring the great state of Utah with her loyal companions.

What is your first or fondest memory of downtown? 

I grew up dancing with Children's Dance Theatre, now called Tanner Dance. Every spring we performed at the Capitol Theatre. All year I looked forward to those weeks of rehearsals and performances. I remember the magical atmosphere of walking into the old theater in the heart of downtown. I loved feeling the weight of history at the theater, the smell of spring blossoms on the trees, the sounds of a buzzing city. I also loved seeing my mom's name on the walls backstage — Michele Massoney you are a legend! I saw downtown as a place of endless possibility and excitement. 

What is your favorite thing about downtown?  

My favorite thing about downtown is that at one moment you feel like a single person in a sea of strangers and at the next, you are walking by a childhood friend who works in the building across the street. There's an expansiveness and a small town feel all at once.

How will downtown SLC look and feel differently five years from now? 

I hope that five years from now there are more people out on the streets, more interesting and engaging artistic displays, additional green spaces, a bustling public market, and a general trend towards a more vibrant city.

If you could change one thing about Salt Lake City, what would it be and why? 

Right now SLC still feels like a commuter city so it's pretty quiet outside of business hours. I'd love to see more people walking and biking on the streets at all hours of the day, every day of the week. 

Friend or family is coming to town, asking for entertainment recommendations. What three places do you send them to? 

Well, I'm kind of a hermit so this is a challenging question... I guess I would recommend looking at what shows are at the Eccles Theater, Capitol Theatre, and Rose Wagner, and obviously checking out one of the three Farmers Markets downtown. Plus, downtown is really the best place for the nightlife scene — fun bars and fantastic restaurants. 

What's your favorite day of the year downtown? 

I don't think this is an acceptable answer since it's not a single day, but I love when there are spring blossoms in the valley and snow on the mountains, heaven!

When you are not working or playing downtown, what do you do for fun or entertainment? 

When I'm not downtown I'm in the mountains or in the desert, usually with friends, family and loved ones, and always with my pups. 

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