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My Own Downtown Staff Focus: Nancy Le

April 27, 2018 Written by

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Seven questions with Nancy Le, Operations Coordinator for the Downtown Alliance. Nancy practices what she preaches by living, working, shopping and playing in our urban core.


What is your first or fondest memory of downtown?

As long as I can remember I've always been downtown either catching a Jazz game or shopping. But one memory I have in particular was visiting Takashi when they first opened; I think it was Summer 2004. I remember my friends and I didn't know what to order so we just had the sushi chef do an omakase for us and it was amazing! Ever since then, Takashi has been one of my favorite restaurants to go to and I still go there at least once a month.

What is your favorite thing about downtown?

I love downtown because it’s a central meet-up place. I have friends from all over the Wasatch front, but when we try to get together for a girl’s night out or brunch we always pick a spot downtown. I love that downtown brings everyone together. Downtown is my favorite, that’s why when I was ready to have my own place, I chose to live downtown. 

How will downtown SLC look and feel differently five years from now?

I think downtown will have more of everything; it will be even busier and continue to grow. I think we will have even more unique pop-up shops on Main Street and Regent Street, more shopping boutiques, bars and restaurants. I’ve witnessed Downtown evolve rapidly since I started living downtown and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping! Every time I’m driving down 400 South I notice our skyline getting bigger. I’m excited about the changes and growth in Downtown.

If you could change one thing about Salt Lake City, what would it be and why?

We have such a good bar and restaurant scene right now; I would love to see more local boutique shops open up around downtown where shoppers can find things that they can’t find anywhere else. 

Friend or family is coming to town, asking for entertainment recommendations. What three places do you send them to?


White Horse
Lake Effect

What's your favorite day of the year downtown?

I don’t have a favorite day, but I love Downtown in the summertime. I love basking in the hot sun and grabbing a drink out on the patio. I love that the sun is out later and more people are out and about. The city comes out of its hibernation. 

When you are not working or playing downtown, what do you do for fun or entertainment?

If I’m not downtown working or playing. I’m traveling, we try to fit as much time to travel and split our time between Newport and visit friends in San Francisco! 
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