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New Face in Town: Cotopaxi

September 21, 2016 Written by

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Who is cotopaxi?
Cotopaxi is an outdoor gear brand with a social mission. We create innovative outdoor products and experiences that fund sustainable poverty relief, move people to do good, and inspire adventure.
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What makes cotopaxi's products different and unique?
We have an amazing team of innovators and designers that craft premium outdoor gear and apparel. From unique llama fleece insulation in our Kusa line, to one-of-a-kind color ways chosen by our sewers in our Del Día products, we are always working on new ways to innovate and create gear that consumers will love.
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Talk a little bit about the mission of the company and brand?
Cotopaxi funds solutions that address the most persistent needs of those living in extreme poverty. Giving is core to our model. As a Benefit Corporation and certified B-Corp, Cotopaxi has made a commitment to creating positive social impact. We focus our efforts on global poverty alleviation & give targeted grants to advance health, education, and livelihoods initiatives around the world.
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Why did you decide to move into the heart of downtown?
While we love our space south of Salt Lake City, we knew that our next step would be to open a retail store in an optimal location. Downtown Salt Lake City was and is a perfect location for it. We can't wait to be more involved in downtown events, the Downtown Alliance, and work to benefit the downtown community.
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Why should people come visit the store - what will folks find?
The Cotopaxi store will be as much of an experience as it is a store. Cotopaxi HQ is located upstairs, we'll have an assortment of gear, including our one-of-a-kind Del Día products, and an ongoing calendar of events. We also have a VR experience that will take customers into our Philippines factory showing how our Luzon Del Día backpack is made. We're really anxious to share our stories with Cotopaxi visitors.