The Downtown Street Ambassadors work tirelessly to ensure everyone is welcome and safe downtown. They are on the streets daily helping people find their way, assisting businesses, and referring people in need to qualified service providers.  

The Ambassadors: 

  • Answer visitors' questions about where to go, what to see and what to do.
  • Help people in crisis get the shelter, food and health care services that they need.
  • Assist retailers who need help clearing a disturbance in their store or an encampment blocking access to their business.
  • Provide a friendly, uniformed presence to promote safety and discourage criminal activity.  

Ambassadors are a community-based public-safety resource.  They are not law enforcement but they work in concert with the Salt Lake Police Department when they encounter criminal activity.  Businesses in the downtown service area can request the Ambassador team's assistance by calling (801) 541-0434.

The ambassadors are managed by the Downtown Alliance with generous support from Salt Lake City and Visit Salt Lake.